About Ojalá

We are dedicated to providing the very highest quality products to our customers with integrity, transparency and trust at the core of our business philosophy.  

We stand by the quality of our hemp and the exceptional practices used to produce our products. We can guarantee our customers are receiving the very highest quality CBD products on the market.


While Ojalá is a Costa Rica-based corporation, we are proud to work internationally with our partner, Neurogan.

Grown in Denmark
Grown in Denmark
The CBD in our products comes from hemp grown on a family farm in Denmark which, alongside Costa Rica, is one of the happiest countries on Earth!
Made in the USA
Made in the USA
From Denmark, our hemp comes through the United States where the oil is extracted and compressed, added to our products, then checked and rechecked to ensure the highest quality.
Enjoyed in Costa Rica
Enjoyed in Costa Rica
Once approved and packaged, our products make their way south to YOU in Costa Rica where you can feel the soothing benefits after a hard day’s work or a day in the sun, surf and sand!


Ojalá is committed to being a fully Costa Rican company. We are striving to educate the people of Costa Rica and the government  on the benefits of CBD in an effort to legitimize hemp so that it may become the country’s next major export crop.


Partners Rachel & Bud have been establishing new roots in Costa Rica for years. With their love of the Pura Vida lifestyle and their experience with the healing effects of CBD from their time in Colorado, Bud and Rachel set out to bring a variety of CBD products to Costa Rica and their hard-working, active, sun-and-sand-loving community .

Natural healing methods, Chinese medicine, organic whole foods and plant-based living have been cornerstones of Rachel’s health and wellness practices for herself and her family. Rachel is thrilled to be focusing her time and energy on bringing a quality CBD skin care line to Costa Rica and helping educate her customers on the benefits of hemp.

From racing motocross to triathlons, mountain biking to skiing, Bud now trains for every next adventure and surfs the Costa Rican waves whenever he has the chance! Now he’s channeling his entrepreneurial spirit into bringing Costa Rica the benefits of CBD which have greatly enhanced his active lifestyle. 

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