About Ojalá

We are dedicated to providing the very highest quality products to our customers with integrity, transparency and trust at the core of our business philosophy.  

We stand by the quality of our hemp and the exceptional practices used to produce our products. We can guarantee our customers are receiving the very highest quality CBD products on the market.

The heart of Ojalá is hope…

Ojalá is a beautiful Spanish word of Arabic origin. It represents a deep and fervent hope.

…the hope that we as human beings can return to our original source of wellness, nutrition and abundance – Mother Earth.

Our desire to create the highest quality, natural products is coupled with our dedication to educating our customers on the many wonders, benefits and uses of CBD and hemp.

The human body is a remarkable, regenerating miracle.

Returning to more natural approaches to wellness allows us to work with our bodies’ innate wisdom and reawaken the ability to heal, protect and self-regulate.



While Ojalá is a Costa Rica-based corporation, we are proud to work internationally with dedicated partners in growing, extracting, formulating and testing.

The CBD in our products comes from hemp grown naturally outdoors on farms in Oregon and California.
From our farms, Ojalá’s hemp is extracted and compressed, artisan formulated especially for our products, then tested and retested to ensure the highest purity and quality.
Once approved and packaged, our products make their way south to YOU in Costa Rica where you can feel the soothing benefits after a hard day’s work, play, or a day in the sun, surf and sand!


Ojalá is committed to being a fully Costa Rican company. We are striving to educate the people of Costa Rica and the government on the benefits of CBD in an effort to legitimize hemp so that it may become the country’s next major export crop.

Interested in our products? Reach out.